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Schwanheimer Dune

Nature reserve with inland sand dunes and wooden walkways running across the meadow landscape.


The Günthersburgpark is a green area in Frankfurt am Main, district Nordend-Ost, the 1837 by the banker family Rothschild has been created and is open to the public since 1892. The today officially 7.4 hectare site has an old densely placed trees and northwards over much open meadow. The park is complemented by a newly added meadow north of Weidenbornstraße by 4 hectares.There is an adventure playground and water games for children.

Taunus Nature Park

The Taunus Nature Park is a natural park with an area of 134,775 hectares (1347.75 km²) in Mountain Taunus. He is one of two Hessian natural parks in Taunus and the second largest nature park in Hessen. The Hochtaunus is sparsely populated and dense with coniferous forest covered. In Eastern Hintertaunus predominantly prevails deciduous before. Characteristic of the Taunus with its waves up mountainous relief are extensive orchards, which are particularly in Vordertaunus and east expiring slopes for Wetterau are.

Frankfurt Zoo

The Frankfurt Zoological Garden is the zoo of Frankfurt, Germany. It features over 4,500 animals of more than 510 species on more than 11 hectares. The zoo was founded in 1858 and is the second oldest Zoo in Germany, after Berlin Zoological Garden.

 Schwanheimer Düne  Günthersburgpark  Taunus Nature Park
Schwanheimer Dune Günthersburgpark Taunus Nature Park